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Home Interior Design Trends: What’s Hot in 2014

Posted on: January 15, 2014

This Year’s Key Home Interior Design Trends at a Glance

Without the aid of a crystal ball, predicting the home interior design trends for the year ahead can be rather touch and go. Google ‘interior design trends 2014’ and you’ll be faced with literally millions of results, with design gurus, editors and bloggers each giving their own predictions for the year ahead. So I’ve done the hard work for you, patiently combing through articles and ‘Top 10s’ written by those in the know to bring you an amalgamation of what are (almost) unanimously agreed to be the top home interior design trends for 2014. You saw them here first…

Interior Design Trends 2014 - Colour

Masquerade Corner Sofa Collection

Key Trend #1: All Things Bright and Beautiful
Almost all the experts agree that mixing and matching brightly coloured furniture and soft furnishings is going to be HUGE this year. In particular, watch out for blues (especially ‘dazzling blue’ and turquoise) and Radiant Orchid (Pantone’s Colour of the Year – a ‘captivating, magical, enigmatic purple’). Combine with exotic, contrasting hues like saffron, coral and emerald for an eclectic look.

Interior Design Trends 2014 - Phantom

Kylie Minogue Bedding in Astoria

Key Trend #2: Phantom of the Opera
In direct contrast with Key Trend #1, grey, navy, forest green and even black will be making a comeback on walls this year. They may be daunting at first but if done well, dark, dramatic colours can make a real statement. Pair soft grey walls with Kylie Minogue bedding in Astoria (pictured above), or for a subtle nod to the trend, simply incorporate a piece or two from Philippe Starck’s modern baroque collection for Kartell furniture. Prevent it from looking dingy with plenty of metallic accessories, mirrors and lamps.

Home Interior Design Trends 2014 - Accessories

Clockwise, from left to right: Double Wolf Sheepskin Rug; Curling Vase; Silver Owl Tea Light Holder; Vivian Gray Silver Diamonds Soap Dispenser; Lacquered Hole Vase; Aquilla Square Pewter Cushion; Aquilla Square Platinum Cushion, all available at www.housingunits.co.uk

Key Trend #3: All that Glitters
The trend for the eclectic spills over into the realm of accessories, where we will see different metallics such as silver, brass and copper grouped together. Throw other textures into the mix with furs, animal skins and plush rugs, but keep it down to earth with light wood furniture (eg. oak and walnut). Experiment with new combinations and layering for a fresh and innovative look.

So essentially, 2014 is all about contrast. Bright, mixed and matched furniture and upholstery against white or neutral walls, or light fabrics and metals against dramatic, dark walls. A mishmash of different textures and patterns. Mixing the old with the new. Breaking the rules.

Which is your favourite home interior design trend for 2014? Anything I’ve missed? Join the discussion on Facebook and Twitter. For further design inspiration, browse our blog or go to www.housingunits.co.uk